Heritage Automotive

I currently work as a videographer for Heritage Automotive. I am in charge of developing content for online media such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. I am responsible for every step of the production process including writing scripts, filming, logging, editing, animating, and even voice over work.

Here are a few of the videos that I have produced for their dealerships.


I was given the opportunity by the NBA to create short animations celebrating various milestones from NBA players, which were then used for the social media outlets. It’s been a great opportunity, and I look forward to continue working with them.

Artwork created by Brad Fishkin.

Belly Bacon

I developed a short film alongside Brad Fishkin which parodied American infomercials. We mixed live action with animations as a lighthearted way to present a morbid and disturbing product.

Role: Writer, Director, Producer, Camera, Sound, Actor, VO Talent, Editor, Animator


This was a video I produced for the Freckled. Kickstarter campaign. Freckled. creates unique cards and other fine paper goods. The campaign was a success, and the company is now busy filling orders across the country.

NY/VT State Bridge Festival

Recap video of the NY/VT State Bridge Festival for the Lake Champlain Bridge Coalition, celebrating the finished construction of the new Lake Champlain Bridge.

Role: Producer, Director, Camera, Sound, Editor

Talent Skatepark

In collaboration with Nick Stefani, we developed and produced a 30-second television spot for Talent Skatepark. We had full creative control, and decided to make something that looked dated and cheesy.